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Homeschool Co-op | Cincinnati



We have an After (Home) School Club for Teens, (approximately 14 and up*) and Moms.

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TEEN 'After School' Homeschool Group - Cincinnati

'Clermont Homeschoolers CO-OP'

We are a unique homeschool enrichment and social option without the commitment of a traditional co-op. Instructors or helpers children are ALL FREE!  Located in Eastgate @ 275/32, we host free and low-cost programs.

To help better serve our homeschool community, please answer the following questions. SURVEY - We invite you to learn more about Clermont Homeschool CO-NNECTIONS and discover more meaningful 'CONNECTIONS'!

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Homeschool Co-op | Cincinnati

About Us

CO-NNECT with Us!

Clermont Homeschool CO-NNECTIONS offers secular, inclusive, casual, and affordable enrichment and social activities for Cincinnati homeschooled families. 

We operate as a partial co-operative, so you can choose to be an instructor, and receive classes at no charge for your children; or, you can choose to just 'pay and go'.


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Upcoming Events

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Get started with us! Prospective parents and children are invited to join us for a peek into our center. Take a tour at our facility, connect with our community of parents, and get to know some of our current students. There’s always something going on!

Take a Tour!

August 4th

• Kids Game Day
• Homeschool Used Curriculum Sale
• Fall Planning Workshop

Homeschool Co-op | Cincinnati
Homeschool Co-op | Cincinnati

Field Trip

July 28th

Canoe Excursion!
Little Miami River, Milford

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We began in February with Creative Writing and Crochet Classes.

Homeschool Co-op | Cincinnati

In Spring we enjoyed World Cooking for Teens and Tweens and Basic cooking for our little ones.

Homeschool Co-op | Cincinnati

We had a few 'hangouts' too!

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Clermont Homeschool CO-NNECTIONS

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